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6/8/22Added my Hansa Brandenburg W.29 pond flyer
3/25/20Added my trimotor conversion of the Clancy Aviation Stagger Bee
3/25/20Added my Splash-E by Harry Stewart
6/18/19Added build notes for the Fred Reese Electric Kitten
6/16/19Added my Electric Kitten, designed by Fred Reese
9/29/18Added flight photos of my Klass Wings Miles M.65 Gemini
11/25/2017Added Bernard Guest's new company, Hummingbird Model Products, to the Cottage Wings Guide
12/28/2016Updated some contacts and sources in George Benson's Building and Flying intro
11/7/16Tom Nallen's Skiptown Cadet
9/6/16Added my Loose Special Racer
9/5/16Added my Whimsy Embryo
9/5/16Added my Big Pussycat, designed by Dick Baxter
8/9/16Updated Tom-Tit Triplane page with plans
2/28/16McGuire Quadruplane wins at WRAM!
12/6/15Added flight photos of my McGuire Quadruplane, "Quattro Fortuna"
09/28/15Added three Free Flight projects
09/25/15Added McGuire Quadruplane
09/25/15Added 1:4 scale SG-38 Primary Glider
2/2/14Added some new RC content
10/15/12Slow Flight Mailing List closed
2/27/11Updated Bill Warner's Cottage Wings Source Guide
09/29/10Flyline Great Lakes Trainer electric conversion
12/28/08Updated McLeod Balsa stripper, now from A2ZCNC
11/8/08Updated Bill Warner's Cottage Wings Source Guide
9/23/08Daddy-O 525 on floats!
5/10/08Ron William's Indoor book is available again!
11/6/07Micro Drake Flying Boat
10/16/07Park Scale Monocoupe 90a
9/29/07Daddy-O gets a big brother
1/10/07 Revised winder page - (Geauga Winder discontinued)
12/1/06Added balsa strippers from Dan McLeod and Tim Goldstein
9/21/06Phoenix Biplane - living room flyer
9/21/06Klass Wings Miles M.65 Gemini
9/20/06Daddy-O Racer updated
9/20/06SIG Piper J-3 updated
12/04/05Added Purl-One plan
5/21/05Added Bill Warner's Cottage Wings Source Guide
2/15/05Daddy-O Racer RC Park Flyer
8/18/04FFML & SFRC list info updated
5/17/04Fly RC Spitfire RC Park Flyer
3/19/03J3 Kitten for micro RC
3/18/03Other modelers examples of my designs (finally, finally,finally)
3/16/03Almost Wright 1903 Plans for Dick Baxter's A-Frame Twin Pusher P'nut replica
11/26/02Harry Geyer's Micro Cementeur
11/19/02Spectacular 1911 Dunne Flying Wing Biplane - By Dennis Mead
10/31/02Simple Antoinette model for beginners - also by ACKUS
10/22/02My nephew Duncan builds his first models - ACKUS Gliders from Sweden
09/19/02Pathways within Model Aviation and Beyond
09/17/02Jiro Sugimoto visits Northern California!!
09/17/02converted Thistle plans to PDF format
09/17/02Converted Dick Baxter's Akro, and Big PC plans to PDFs for easier download
06/27/02Added More San Francisco Vultures pictures
06/20/02Flying Aces Stick - R/C micro model
6/17/02Marin Aero Club Gallery updated
Foam Lavochkin LA7, and a Tiger Moth from Tom Whitworth
04/28/02Tom-Tit Triplane- My latest FF model
3/29/02Indoor FF pictures from the Marin Aero Club Phantom Flash Contest
12/15/01Added Phantom Flash plan for download
12/13/01Indoor FF pictures from the Marin Aero Club Akro Contest
12/9/01Outdoor FF pictures from the Marin Aero Club 2001 Season
8/17/01moved the site to mindspring.com
7/7/01Jimmie Allen BA Parasol
7/6/01Covering with Mylar and Tissue
5/28/012 very nice NoCals by David Duganne
4/25/01A few vintage beauties from Sterling Price
4/23/01More pictures from the Marin Aero Club
4/8/01Help Identify this Unknown Movie Prop
4/5/01Geauga Rubber Winder info and Photos
2/8/01Updates on the B-314 Lazy Clipper
1/14/01CAD plans for Dick Baxter's XE-5
4/14/00Miss Ashley II by Jim Buxton - with some construction notes.
2/8/004 Peanut Scale plans to download by Stephen Hales
2/2/00Lightweight, inexpensive, electric connector for FF and small rc
1/24/00Bruce Stinshoff's Whimsy, a delightful sport FF model
1/9/00Ed Toner offers a look in his "hangar"
1/9/00Great Lakes Trainer - New view of front
1/6/00Knight & Pridham 15:1 source info added

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