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A Source Guide

Last Update - July 12 2019

The Cottage Wings Guide was originally compiled for Free Flight scale modellers by Bill Warner. For a number of years, updates and additions were done by the late Carlo Godel who brought this list to the Internet. It is not connected in any way with the AMA, and the endorsements, where they occur, are the result of Bill Warner's and Carlo's own personal experience or as noted.

With Carlo's untimely passing, I have temporarily posted this file on my web site. I have made a few initial edits of entries that I know to be out of date, and am also making an effort to make the guide a little more web-friendly. It will remain available free as a download at this web site. Please send requests, additions or corrections to Thayer Syme through the Flying Models contact page.

Note: Prices quoted for catalogs etc., may be out of date, as also may be some addresses. Prices are usually for the U.S. market and will probably be higher abroad. Sending a large SASE, and if it is abroad, two International Reply Coupons that are available at the P.O. is suggested. Vendors generally prefer the sending of U.S. currency to Europe, because the cost of processing International Money Orders is high. Many take Visa.

I suggest a phone call to anyone you have not previously done business with as the best way to clarify present prices and method of payment.


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c/o Byron Calomires
3406 Fela Av. Long Beach, CA 90808
The American Aviation Historical Society puts out quarterly journals that, for the past 40 years, have been of high quality. Membership is for the calendar year, and those joining late will receive all the issues for that year. Back issues are $6 ea., (issues V-15-V-34) or $9 (V-35-V-37) but Byron will send you a sample if you send him a check for $2 to cover shipping. Good deal! BW
It is with a sad and heavy heart that we announce the passing of Al Lidberg in June of 2017. His family has since shuttered the Model Airplane Plans business. Please watch this listing for updates, when and if the family decides to do something with his plans.

Lidberg had a large range of fine plans from small "profile" scale ships to more advanced built-up rubber scale jobs with knock-off wings and advanced techniques well laid out in print for you. Good instructions with each, too. He is well known for a series of miniature mini old timer semi-kits for CO2 or mini-elec. including the New Ruler, Buzzard Bombshell, Goldberg Interceptor, Kerswap!, Brooklyn Dodger, Miss America, Wedgy, and Rocketeer A. His Cessna Airmaster jumbo is dynamite: I've seen it fly- wow! The Texas Temple monoplane plan packet was also a delight! BW CG TS

16620 SW 130th St
Rose Hill, KS 67133-8466
(316) 733-9658
Dave Aronstein's indoor ultra-light models have been turning fantastic times since the days when he was a teen-ager. His models are simple, unusual, not super scale but eminently airworthy. He has several new scale rubber-powered ducted fan designs. Send $2 for catalog and sample plan. Highly recommended for those starting in indoor. BW Dave Aronstein
1327 44th. Ave. S.W.
Seattle, WA 98116-1616
Michael A. Morrow's Flying Model plan and scale drawing web-site has quite an interesting selection of plans, including the following.
  • 64 indoor "No-Cal" plans - including light planes, homebuilts, military aircraft, golden age racers, unlimited racers, sport racers, and World's Smallest aircraft.
  • No-Cal flight-trimming tips
  • No-Cal covering tips
  • No-Cal decorating tips
  • No-Cal building supplies including bearing holders, glass beads, and brass washers
  • 5 peanut plans
  • 3 Dime Scale plans
  • 68 scale drawings by James A. Morrow
Illustrated catalog - $2 U.S., $3.00 Canadian, $6 overseas
AEROCON (webstore only)
Apparatus and components for Inventors and Experimenters. New and Surplus rocket motors; interesting electronics; parachutes of all sorts; graphite; and other equipment for amateur rocketeers. Huge online catalog with many photos, tips, links, tricks, white papers, calculators, and resources. CG
17244 Darwin Ave., Hesperia, CA
Al and Cheryl carry GOOD colored nitrate that COVERS even in white! Other colors plus butyrate dopes. Diesel and glow fuels, silk, electrics, C02's, lots of old-time rubber and gas kits, engines, books, and plans, lots of plans. Send $2 and large SASE for catalog. They also run R/N, Cal Aero, Fresno, Champion, Old Timer Model Supply, Schleuter & too many others to list. This is a PRIME SOURCE of stuff for the F/F modeller! CG
P.O. Box 5124
Hamden, CT 06518
Mark Fineman has compiled and sells a complete index of Model Builder plans with descriptions from 1971 through 1991. Mark still has a few printed versions left at $4.75 and indices for IBM computers on a disc at 9.95. If you have ever spent hours earching for that plan you know you have but can't find, this is well worth it! Mark's index is more complete than the one offered by MB, as theirs is only for ones they sell. He also buys and sells old model and aviation magazines. Send long S.A.S.E. for list of magazines for sale. If you'd like to sell any, state age, condition and price. Wings and Airpower indexes (indices?) from 1971 to present available on disc for IBM-type and MAC computers. Ask for his brochure on aviation clip art and neopaint for computers (especially good if you're a newsletter editor). BW
back issues and other aeromodelling titles
David Lloyd-Jones
28 Shelley Ave
Wincham, Northwich
Cheshire, CW9 6PH, United Kingdom
Tel: (+)44 (0)1565.73.40.40
Rare and early UK, US and other English language aeromodelling magazines and books from as far back as 1929 can be obtained by sending a wants list to David. Please note - he only buys and sell FLYING model magazines and books - nothing else!
Email: with your enquiry.
1306 Havre, N.W.
Palm Bay, FL 32907
The AMOB Bulletin is edited by the legendary Dave Platt, one of the few modellers who can make a great scale R/C and also a knockout rubber scale ship as well! Hints, tips and humor take up much of this monthly 10-page newsletter still only $8/yr. Not a huge number of plans in every issue, but well worth the $if you're in their area. BW
114 Deer Path Rd.
Williamsburg, VA 32188
(757) 565-4814
Bill and Barbara Byrd carry lots of old model magazines: Flying Aces, MAN, Air Trails, etc. Mostly mail order but can handle visitors. BW
c/o Quadrant Subscriptions Services Ltd.
Oakfield House
Perrymount Rd.
Haywards Heath, Sussex
RH16 3DH U.K.
U.S. Subscriptions can be handled through Reed Business Publishing, Ltd., 205 E.42nd. St., N.Y., N.Y., 10017 USA at about $53/yr?) Still an excellent magazine of full-sized aviation chock full of old planes with propellers that were made in the good old days, though of late too heavy on WW II and has fewer 3-views than in its heyday. BW
1931 Kittyhawk Av.
Los Angeles, CA 90045,
A. C. Anson's quarterly journals feature old & well-known types as well as many really rare aircraft. "Super plan collections" says Earl Van Gorder in Flying Models. Issue No.7 just out and is a gem! $10/copy plus $2 postage. You'll love it! CG
700 Leader Building
Cleveland, OH 44114
Dennis Norman's Flying-Aces oriented plans will knock your socks off! His selections now include the P-51, Hellcat, and Peashooter. They are accompanied by booklets which give new techniques for making printwood, covering, and include patterns for photocopying surface detail. Good scale documentation and choices of subject a/c included. Send a SASE for particulars. BW
4304 Madison Av.
Trumbull, CT 06611
Dave Stott has entered the cottage arena with a nifty planbook featuring plans that Comet should have put out kits for. Twelve obscure but eminently flyable models, including an Alliance Argo, a Hollywood Hamilton (great model!), an ONG Continental and two solid scale racers plus a couple of more you've never heard of make it plenty of bang for the buck. Two volumes at 12 bucks each or both for 22, Postage paid, and no box top needed. BW
2106 Siesta Dr.
Dallas, TX 75224
(214) 331-5506
Bill McCombs 1997 revised book, "MAKING SCALE MODELS FLY" even covers non scale, is something every FF modeller should have in his / her library. It is extensive and intensive, and should answer most any question a modeller in this branch of the hobby should have. $17.95 PP. Highly recommended. Bill also has an update available for those who have purchased an earlier edition. For a SASE, Bill will send you FREE sheets on things that plague free-flight model aeroplanes. Go for it! Bill has 24 peanut plans available. CG
P.O. Box 1593
Norfolk, NE 68702-1593
Bob Stalick mentioned in his column that he'd received their 18-page catalog containing Jetex, CO2, hundreds of plans and dozens of kits, plus construction supplies. A buck will bring you their catalog. Haven't seen it myself. BW
8439 Dale St.
Buena Park, CA 90620
5-view scale drawings of hundreds of racing planes! His catalog is a must for all raceplane enthusiasts, and is $3. Ph. (714) 828-7369. BW
P.O. Box 726
Dunbar, WV 25064-0726
Allen has over 2,000 plans, many with line drawings in the catalog so you can see what they look like. Many of the old-time model plans have been re-done with rib and former outlines and both wings, a nice feature for many which were originally done with only one. Some have 3-view scale drawings with them. Catalog is $4, refundable with order. CG
727 N. W. 16th. St.
Corvallis, OR 97330
Mark, International "Pistachio" scale champ and winner of peanut scale at the 1991 USFF Champs, sells tiny gears and instructions for peanut and pistachio models. These are painstakingly cast of epoxy. He has detailed instructions on how to build his winning gearboxes. $1 and a S.A.S.E. will bring you his illustrated "How to Make a Gearbox" instructions as well as a price list. His many successes speak well for the efficiency of this system! CG
Box 90133 120 21
Stockholm Sweden
This outfit publishes the seven books by Bjorn Karlstrom, with plans 1/72 and 1/50 scale and photos, some in color. Peter Mann (Archivist of the Canadian equivalent of the AMA) recommends them highly, and considers their price quite reasonable. You might want to look into this. Let me know about your experience.BW
225 Parsons St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Urethane-based "thin-as-water" 2-part casting liquid. Sets in 3-10 minutes and is machineable. Alum. powder addition makes it stronger. Use with latex or modelling clay mold. Heavy, but is great stuff. A bit pricey. Call for brochure and price list. I use it a lot for detailed parts where weight is not an issue.BW
I use the stuff for my plastic models but from another source and it does not have the aluminum powder so is lighter and just as good but far more expensive. CG
5151 E. Memorial Dr.
Muncie, IN 47302
The AMA library has over 30,000 books and magazines on models and full-size aircraft. AMA members may order a reprint of any magazine article for $2/copy. Researching model plans and particular subjects is $10. per item.BW
Rudy Profant
4060 W.158th. St.
Cleveland, OH 44135
List of about 50 air racer plans for a SASE. No racing fan should be without this contact. The plans are GOOD, reasonable, and are of a size to make a model from. Bill Kerka's drawing is A-1. The new contact man for subscriptions is: (may not affect address for drawings) Herb Schaub, Sec./Treas., 168 Marian Lane, Berea, OH 44017. BW
Antique Airfield Rte.2,
Box 172
Ottumwa, Iowa 52501
Brent Taylor, the Executive Director, sent me some samples of the AAA News, and the AAA Digest which are chock full of dynamite pictures, 3-views, and information you just can't get anywhere else. If you have a special interest in any of the following plane types, they have a club and newsletter for it! Pietenpol, Fairchild, Corben, Great Lakes, Parrakeet, Hatz, Interstate, Rearwin, Travel Air and Culver. They have a deal right now for 140 issues of back publications going back 25 years for only $95. UPS paid! I haven't seen many deals that good for a long time! Call first. Memberships are available, of course.BW
Chris Rossbach
135 Richmond Dr., Box390
Gloversville, NY 12078
Old engine data and parts along with a plans list 7/8"thick 1/4" of plans steep at $15 but the only place to find it in many cases . BW
3229 Dianora Dr.
Palos Verdes, CA 90274
John Targos makes an excellent replica of the Elfin 2.49 diesel probably more reliable than the original also caries parts for ignition engines and other flying accessories for old timer and nostalgia modellers. Send a buck for catalog. CG
14715 N. 78th Way Unit 600
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
(480) 348-3733 the ones who produce the newest sets of spoked wheel kits in multiple sizes and as of now fairly large scale machine guns and parts, perhaps the only supplier of sub 00 screws and nuts. Soon to come will be all of his goodies in smaller scales including 1/12 scale kits for F/F electric, laser cut no less. His large R/C kits are truly spectacular I can't wait for the smaller stuff to come. Full color catalog for $5. CG
13311 Beach Ave.
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 821-6242
Bob Boucher's new book, 'Electric Motor Handbook', is not for everyone. It is for those who want to UNDERSTAND electric -powered flight. Though designed with the R/C flier in mind, (Bob's smallest motor is a .035) this book is "it" for explaining the basics and advanced stuff like timing a motor. No one knows electric like Le Grand Robert! BW
P.O.Box 665 Destin, FL 32540
(800) 999-0141
Publishers of the fantastic Paul Matt books of scale drawings (2 vols. $24.95 each. Vol. 1 aircraft A-G, Vol.2 H-W) A MUST HAVE for scale modellers. Also many other neat books including the famous EAA Flying and Glider Manuals, Hannan's Peanut Power, and lots of Waco stuff. Give 'em a call, it's free. BW
c/o Charles Gokey
2307 Burrell Drive
Louiseville, KY 40216
They have a bi-monthly newsletter with "did you know" and helpful hints as well as ads for buyers and sellers. $10. /yr. sounds reasonable enough if you are adding to or dumping your collection. Don't know how wide their readership is. BW
D. Worthy
149 Pine Ave. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
D.'s ad in Flying Aces says he has old plans, 3-views, old engine photos, drawings from Skybirds and Flying Aces, cutaways, old newspaper historical photo copies. Send $1(refundable) and SASE for list. Let me know if his stuff is any good. BW
c/o Doug Mooney
P.O. Box 231192
San Diego, CA 92194
Packs of plans for peanut scale (mostly) models by the late, celebrated Walt Mooney. There are six different sets or "Bags" of plans. Sets 1-5 have about 13 plans each ($6 pp /set), while Set 6 has 36 plans reduced to 8" span for "Pistachio" size at $5 a set, these are a fantastic value for the buck !!!! BW
3529 Koon Lane
Knoxville, TN 37931
Daniel manufactures a line of items for CO2 engines including tiny refilling nozzles and chargers which will accept the sporting-goods-store larger cartridges. Also makes radial machined alum. mount for the Cox .010. As of June 1996, he's added a line of interesting single, twin, and radial triple C02 engines made especially for indoor flying. Send a SASE for information. BW
Dick Anderson
16033- 33rd
N.E. Seattle, WA 98155
(206) 363-4522
Newsletter of the Boeing Strat-O-Bats. They get $12 for their monthly newsletter. They also fly indoors and outdoors. If you live in the great Pacific NW, you need to get hooked up here. BW
Mike Nassise
22 So. Greenfield St.
Easton, MA 02375
Editor Mike Nassise puts out the newsletter, Tailspin, which features a full-size centerfold plan and lots of useful info. in each of the six bi-monthly issues. For $10, how can you lose? New members welcomed. BW
650 Pinecrest Dr.
Largo, FL 34640
(813) 584-4003
John Bell designs & draws some of the most beautiful plans you will ever see! (Mostly rubber scale, jetex, and WW II) I like his Hughes racer and Lockheed Altair. John's rubber scale kit for the Duane Cole Taylorcraft is VERY nice. Illustrated catalog $3. Kits under $30. Postage on kits is free to FAC members! BW John Has recently gone out of the kit business but will probably continue with the plans. All kits and plans are in the hands of Jim Fiorello at: Golden Age Reproductions P.O. Box 1685Andover, MA 01810
1375 N. Broadway, E-6
Escondido, CA 92026
Barry has carbon fiber "tow" ( like yarn) which comes to about ten yards with lots of little hairlike fibers that really add strength to the places on models where they are stuck on. For a buck and a SASE, how can you go wrong? He also has drawings for the Boeing 80 (that I haven't seen), highly-detailed with views, construction, interior, marking, color schemes interior and exterior. Plan measures 18" X 84". $10 PP. BW
see listing after hangar pilot
1924 Compton Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90011
Quarterly Newsletter of the famous Blacksheep Exhibition Squadron features ALL types of model activity, and never omits F/F. Membership $15,Sr.Citizens $10, Juniors $6, all with newsletter. They run the biggest F/F meet in the world (as far as #. of events) each Memorial Day at Taft, CA. Always something of interest for everyone! Blacksheep rule book containing about 50 events they fly, many of which are original 30" events, $2.pp.5 1/2"x8 1/2" or $3.pp. 8 1/2" x 11" for old timers in big print. CG
New to sales, the B.S. bunch have contracted with S. Gasparin in Czechoslovakia. to import specialty CO2 engines. Catalog at
1337 Pine Sap Court.
Orlando, FL 32825
Jim Bradley is recommended by famed FF scaler Larry Kruse as a great source of the miracle material for reinforcing your models, carbon fiber. Send a SASE for his listings. BW
13362 Fairmont Way
Santa Ana, CA 92705
John is more than your normal book collector. He specializes in model aviation books and magazines, and has what is probably the foremost collection on them on the planet. His cross-referenced bibliography weighs 4 1/2 lbs. and contains over 1350 titles. It is not for sale, and he is not in business, but if you are looking for something in the way of a model book, or have books you might want to sell or trade I suggest you drop him a note. His want list runs 20 pages. BW
P.O. Box 77
Pine Grove Mills, PA 16868
Tiny CO2 engines from the man who gave the world the model airplane motor. Top quality stuff and many years of know-how. SASE for list. Peck Polymers usually carries his engines and accessories. Do it now, a recent stroke has put a damper on his work. BW

Time marches on. Brown CO2 motors are out of production. TS

5652 Meinhardt Road
Westminster, CA 92683-2423
Here is a true cottage industry. Stan produces a silly putty timer and special kits, good plans and instructions great wood lousy packaging, but you get one of the best deals here. things change quickly in competition where he excels. Drop him a line and see what he has. CG
Glenna Tarango
10 So. Cooper Rd.
Chandler, AZ 85225
A small but mighty newsletter edited by Dave Smith contains great hints and tips as well as a "build-on" model plan in each monthly issue. A paltry $10. makes you a member and brings you the n/l. They also sponsor great contests at their alfalfa field, which draw contestants from hundreds of miles around. They have a neat video of their 1993 Annual for $25 PP. BW
PO box 193
Keego Harbor, MI 48320
(248) 212-9666
(not to be confused with Cambell's Model Supply)
Lee Campbell was well known for stocking many interesting HLG, FF and Old Timer kits. Parts for Cox engines. Impressive catalog $4. CG

The following is from a press release dated 02/25/15 - TS

Retro RC LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Campbell's Custom Kits and Brand X Kits, due to the retirement of their founder, Lee Campbell.

While all designs will be converted to fully laser-cut kits as stock of each is exhausted, we will be keeping Lee’s legacy alive by continuing to sell them under the Campbell's Custom Kits name.

We will offer Campbell's line of full kits, short kits and plans, including Hand Launch Gliders, Catapult Launch Gliders, Tow Line Gliders, indoor and outdoor Rubber Power models and Competition Gas models (many of which are suitable for electric conversion). Some of his most well-known kits include, Jabberwock, Gollywock, Polly, BoWeevil, Sweepette, Thermal Piglet, Straight Up, Souper 30, Jesse James, 1/2A TBord, 1/2A Maverick, Sloworm 300, Smith Mulvihill, Lanzo Stick, and many more.

We will also carry many of the accessories and supplies that Lee offered, including rubber bands, DT fuse, props, timers, flying accessories, rubber etc..

As these kits become available for shipping, they will be added to Retro RC's website, on the "Campbell's Custom Kits" page.

37742 Carson
Farmington Hills, MI 48331
(not to be confused with Campbells Custom Kits) Esake tissue in 5 colors, plus black and white. 85 cents/sheet plus $3.P/H on US orders. Free peanut plan with each order! They have rubber, small props, and the 'Condenser Plane' that was featured in Model Builder. Send SASE for info. BW
814 East Marconi Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85022
One of the largest number of engines available from a cottage industry, send $1 for catalog of mostly diesel engines from around the world. CG
P.O.BOX 65135
Lubbock, TX 79464
Ken Ketner has a service available to CO2 fanatics involving TELCO engines and spares.BW
2955 A-3 Cochran St.
Simi Valley, CA 93065
Litespan and Airspan distributors for the U.S.A. Mail Order, Hobby Shop etc. no Catalog yet, but soon. Discount prices and specials to servicemen and women overseas. Litespan 72"x22" $5.50 and Airspan 36"x22" $3.85 and other sizes. Give Jerry Simon a call he might have just what you need. 805-579-9528 CG
P.O. Box 1375
Nanton, Alberta
T0L 1R0, Canada
(403) 249-1474
Harry Volk is offering plans of scale gliders (towline), Golden Age rubber models (Light, Booton, Stahl, etc.) plus Old-time FF non-scale stuff. Most are $4. Send $2 U.S. for catalog (which has a profile drawing of each plane). Some cuties like the Plymacoupe and Bleriot 510 biplane. BW
308 Palo Alto
Caldwell, ID 836051
(208) 459-7608
Vern's plans are meticulously researched and well drawn. The Wolf/Benjamin, Gee-Bee R-2 and the Eicher/Kimball Model 'Z' were built largely from Vern's plans! They are for serious modellers and builders of full-size planes, who often have utilized his work. His prices reflect the hundreds of hours he has invested in each plan. Vern's 32-page newsletter/ catalog ($4) is unique. BW
P.O. Box 55962
Indianapolis, IN 46205-0962
Cleveland kits were the standard of the industry since 1919, and their plans are still some of the best available anywhere. They are famous for having the same plan available in several different sizes. Over 1,000 plans. Catalog $5 CG
Steve Sibal
4909 Stoddard Dr.
Troy, MI 48098
Monthly N/L printed on large sheets which allows folding while retaining peanut plans intact (8-12 pages). Membership is $10/calendar yr. Worth getting- there is lots of talent in this group! BW
a.k.a. Dr. Diesel
913 Cedar Lane
Tullahoma, TN 37388
(615) 455-2256
P.A.W. diesel engines. Excellent service. Send Large SASE for list. Ever hear of a homebuilt called the "FRED"? That was Eric's!
1312 N.E. 35th. St.
Ocala, FL 32670
I haven't seen Bryan's plans, but Earl Van Gorder says he has a few, the latest of which is a Vought V-173 "Flying Pancake" and a Bellanca Flash.BW
2555 Robert Fowler Way #A
Reid-Hillview Airport
San Jose, CA 95148
(408) 259-3366
This is an aviation art gallery with a display of old model engines, kits (incl. some pre WW II Frog ones), WW II training aids, and some old wood kits for sale. They'll send you a complimentary customer's newsletter if you're interested. I haven't visited it yet. Bruce Hamilton raves about this place! BW
P.O. Box 642, Dept. 'B'
Tehachapi, CA 93581
Supplies for the high-tech modeller a source of carbon fiber, mat, rod, blue styrofoam, Kevlar fabrics and thread, mylar sheet, Teflon-coated glass cloth, epoxies, vacuum bagging systems, etc. $3 (plus 8.25% for Californians) will bring you their catalog, a copy of their newsletter, a copy of "Composite Materials for Modelling Applications" and a $ certificate for your first order. CG
4614 Mitchell Road
Kingsport, TN 37664
(615) 288-6568
For computer nerds only. I can't make heads or tails out of Fred Rash's stuff, but the bibliography he used in setting up his program is impressive. His "Rubber Model Program Pack" has 6 IBM-compatible programs with instructions: (1) turns, torque, winder turns, energy for any motor; (2) Outdoor prop design; (3) Indoor prop design; (4) Projected area, mean aerodynamic. chord, two MOS; (5) bucket prop forming (better than cylinder); (6) Rubber catapult design. $30.PP. Specify 3.5" or 5.25" disc. I suggest you call Fred and get a better idea of what this program pack will do for YOU! BW
Journal of the Cleveland FF Society
Gordon Roberts
5539 Hilltop Oval
Parma, OH 44134
The Cleveland group has some top-notch modellers in it, and if you want to find out what they're up to lately, get in touch with Gordon! BW
2054 Point Comfort
Oshkosh, WI 54901
Doug has Xeroxes of some mid-thirties inch span jumbo rubber ships you might adore...drawn in 1929-30. Ford Trimotor, Curtiss Hawk bipe, Bernard Yellow Bird, Junkers Bremen, Loening Air Yacht, Savoia S-55 $4 for first plan, 25 cents less each add'l. $0.55 postage for any order. Ask him about his Kellog's "Pep" nostalgia recognition models from WW II period. BW
627 Main St.
Dunstable, MA 01827-1212
Publishes a list similar to Cottage Wings for the indoor flyer take a look see. it is now on the indoor web site.
(Code SSRC)
Washington, D.C. 20374-1681
(202) 433-2166 (Anacostia NAS location)
A good starting place for military research. If they don't have it, they can tell you where they've transferred it. (NASM, National Archives). BW
P.O. Box 167016
Oregon, OH 43616
Very nice advanced scale model kits and plans for rubber power by David Diels. Designs include many WWI, WWII and prop-driven jets. click on web link above to see their latest on line or to download the latest illustrated "paper" catalog. TS
1159 W. Taft Rd.
St.Johns, MI 48879
Steven has a new plans service offering replicas of small old timer models, some peanut and pistachio plans and odds and ends. If Trenton Terrors and Avro CF's sound interesting, risk a SASE for his list. At a buck a plan, it's interesting. BW
7029 Sanger Av.
Woodway, TX 76710
(817) 741-0335
Thin, neat, rub-on markings. Quite similar to "Letraset" rub-on lettering used in drafting, this one setting firmly with heat on painted or metal surfaces. Looks like their wide variety of lettering, panels, screwhead and rivet simulations, etc. are for about 1"/ft. models or larger. They can do custom "decal" work, too. You might call 'em and ask for a sample, which can explain what it is better than I can! Warning: they are "R/C" priced.
P.O. Box 30053
Acushnet, MA 02743
Gene has a "wide range" of nice scale model kits and stuff like a wood stripper. I made his Fairchild 22 peanut. Very cute, flew about 30 seconds. Catalog is $2. BW
P.O. Box 3086
Oshkosh, WI 54903-3086
(414) 426-4800
They have a library, the Boeing Aeronautical Library, and do photocopying. There is a minimum charge (used to be $5). Haven't tried 'em myself. They also sell indexes to 3V, cutaways, pictorials from most popular aviation and model magazines. They also have an EAA photo dept. which has a $3. catalog (it was in 1989) that lists 350 types of Golden Age airplanes (Radtke Collection). Also at this address you can get info. on great publications like the VINTAGE AIRPLANE and SPORT AVIATION put out by the EAA. Henry Frautschy, a good FF Scale modeller is VA editor, and he's offered to give you help with any EAA-modelling- related stuff as a courtesy to other balsa butchers! Thanks Henry! BW
1851 Dutch Road
Fairview, PA 16415
Large selection of model kits, plans and supplies from the "good ol' days". Prices are reasonable, and the kits range from quite simple to complex. Most of the designs are a bit primitive by todays standards, and the wood may not always be what you would wish to use, but despite this, they have some interesting stuff. For $2 you can get their list of kits and an interesting booklet called Facts and Building Tips. Now owned by David Niedzielski who has redone a number of the kits and upgraded the wood in all. CG
Dept. 16 A1 C908 Edscorp Bldg.
Barrington, NJ 08007
(609) 547-8880
Precision scales, etc. They used to sell lenses capable of being used to make an opaque projector for enlarging 3-views. Call for free catalog. BW
P.O. Box 134
Robesonia, PA 19551
The Dick Miller stuff. Great sheet for beginners in mini-electric explaining weights, wing loadings, etc. for about all of the available small electric motors. Motor gears and chargers are reasonably priced. Send for a listing. The 'What Works' sheet is $5. or free with order. BW
Blaine Beron-Rawdon
1536 W. 25th St. PMB104
San Pedro, CA 90731-4415
Envision Design makes inexpensive software for model airplane design including "Plane Geometry" a preliminary design tool based on Microsoft Excel. Check out their website at or email them at
P.O. Box 366
Sayre, PA 18840-0366
(717) 882-9873
Rubber by the pound, special rubber lube, some more advanced kits. The fantastic F.A.I. Tan II now available for $17 /pound PP. Catalog $2. I am told that the service and style of business is excellent CG
Espace Clichy 30 Rue Mozart
92587 Clichy, France
"Fana" is the leading French magazine of full-sized aircraft of the older variety. A bit too heavy on military and WW II, but some occasional gems. Lots of French planes. 12 monthly issues for 375 francs/yr., if you don't live in France (about $70.bucks) Written in French, naturellement. Not a bargain, but if $are no object to you... BW
P.O. Box 430
Farmingville, N.Y. 11738-0430
All-sheet WW-I and II profile gliders of famous planes with 6 to 8" wing spans. $2.ea with $3. postage for any quantity. SASE for list. BW
60 Rue du Bocage 83700
St. Raphael France
ph: 94 95 62 06 (if you speak French!)
Large selection of plans he has designed and drawn ranging from many 1930's French civil a/c in peanut size to wild things like rubber-powered geared helicopters, ducted-fan rubber ships, electrics (one solar), indoor models, etc. Send 3 international reply coupons for listings. If I were to pick one "Master" in FF modelling, Emmanuel Fillon (winner of 1937 World Wakefield Cup) would be it. Note: If you wish to contact Fillon, I may be able to help with the French translation for you. Fillon is perhaps the most accomplished all-around modeller in the world today. BW
373-G Vintage Park Dr.
Foster City, CA 94404
(415) 349-1636
Source of "bug pins"... pins so thin they won't split even the tiniest sticks. 'OOO' size are 9" dia. and 1.7" long. Price is outrageous: $5.95 per 100 pins with a $10/order shipping charge! Definitely a club order only! BW
100 East Ridge
Ridgefield, CT 06877-4606
by the publishers of Model Airplane News. The third issue of this slick new publication is in my hands and I have mixed feelings about it. It includes material on Gus Whitehead in the editorial section, a photo of a WKS-6 Waco covered in clear mylar, and a nice J-3 Cub spread with close-ups in color of stuff modellers can use. Still 95% of the magazine is military stuff. I hesitate to recommend it due to the skewed coverage. Subs are $19.96 US and it is a bi-monthly magazine. BW
42 Player's Crescent
Totton Southampton
Hants SO4O 9AZ
Tel. 023 80861541
A mail order house in the UK that caters to the Free flight community specializing in special balsawood cuts. All advertising done by word of mouth and in guides such as this one. e-mail CG
P.O. Box 972
Murray Bridge
South Australia 5253
(085) 32 2463
Laurie Kelsall keeps the world up to date on what the 'scalies' are doing 'down under'.You might work a trade with him for a video of their activities, arrange to send money or whatever to get their newsletter. 'FLY IN' is also a hobby shop with 150 flying scale kits in stock. BW
997 Woodcliff Drive
Franklin Square, NY 11010-1022
Lead by Commander in Chief Dave Mitchell, this national group publishes a bi-monthly NEWS LETTER with no radio control stuff in it! Their plan packs are great, the most recent being no.5 with 5 great plans by Tom Nallen. Two sheets each! Only $15. Packets 1-4 are still available at ten bucks each.10.pp. They sponsor the finest free-flight scale meets in the country, mostly for rubber-powered scale models. It numbers over 1,400 members, mostly of retirement age and top modellers all! Membership $25/yr. Branches springing up all over the country, with over 60 squadrons in CA, CO, MI, FL, AZ, NC, MD, IN, SC, OH, PA, TN, TX, NM, England and Canada as of last count. (see the following) YOU SHOULD NOT BE WITHOUT THE FLYING ACES. IT WILL BE THE BEST MOVE YOU EVER MADE!
no connection with FAC
1564A Fitzgerald Dr. Suite 118
Pinole, CA 94564
The Domedusters list says they sell 16" span no-cal plans, with a catalog for $1. BW
David Baker
24 Pinetrees Northhampton
A 192-page book of the best of the famous Flying Aces magazines of the 30's is available for $19 PP. (send cash- checks too much pain). I have this, and it is great fun! The $go to helping SAM 1066 get a permanent flying site. You can also get this from Hannan's Runway and other quality suppliers. Their second book is now out! BW
This is the magazine once known as Flying Aces. They are making a real effort to give FF a fair shake, and although it may not be perfect, you might want to look at it again if you dropped it some time back.
Note that Flying Models plans are available again, under the Flying Aces Press banner. TS
PAMAG Publications, Ltd.
89 Graham Road
Sheffield S10 3GP
Yorkshire, England
(available through Wise Owl Publications (see 'Aeromodeller' listing). Articles on all phases of building models and power plants. Full size fold-out plan. Phone/Fax = 0114 229 5510 , e-mail address is and website
Sub rates - surface 20GBP, airmail 26GBP. Otherwise, Wise Owl Publications $34 surface, $45 air.
15127 N. 100th Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Fun-to-build models with flavor. Their HE-100 is a proven contest-winner. No longer making kits. Brochure $0.50.
John C. Fredriksen Ph.D
461 Loring Ave.
Salem, MA 01970
(508) 745-9849
John has compiled an ambitious 5-volume series of books listing plans, kits, and semi-kits for warplane models with over 8,000 items and 623 types of aircraft. He lists span, length, flight mode (FF, R/C, etc.) company, price, designer, etc. for each plane. The appendix contains sources of the stuff in the catalog, organizations, magazines, sources of documentation worldwide. $15 / vol. PP from above address. If you are a warplane buff, give John a call. Vol.3 just came out in Oct. 96. If you order all five as a set, you can save $20. John is the expert in this field! BW He is now doing a book of Dinosaur resources CG
1908 Colony Rd.
Metairie, LA 70003
Exciting model plans for rubber scale ships using both old and new construction techniques. Planes are from the Golden Age of flight, WW I and WW II. A bit on the difficult side, but definitely state-of-the art, beautiful models for plan collectors and expert modellers. Their Japanese Zero rubber job can be built as a floatplane or with automatic retract, operating undercarriage or with micro radio control equipment. Plans are $8 and $10 with over 80 to choose from. I cannot speak too highly of the late Bill Galloway's work. SASE for plans list. CG
10460 Ambassador Dr.
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
(916) 638-2421
Ernie Johnson, says Plenny Bates, in Indoor News and Views, has several nice No-Cal plans for indoor beginners. The AVI-205 flies great for the Cedar Rapids group, and costs only $1.50. Catalog also $1.50. BW
Alan Abriss
94-20 66th Ave.
Forrest Hills, NY 11374
The quarterly of the Skyscapers club is professionally edited and of great interest to FF modellers who fly FF endurance events. 5 issues for $10. made out to "Skyscrapers."
Fly RC Magazine has ceased publication, but most of the plans they published remain available from former editor Thayer Syme. You can reach him through the contact page on the Flying Models web site.
Subscription info
If you are on the web and need to know something about FF and no one has an answer for you this is the place you'll want to go and put in your subscription. Lots of invaluable information and where to get it, all of the best Free Flighters in the country, and the world.
(404) 493-6769 9AM-9PM
R. Linwood Cochran bills his business as "The Cottage Distributor for the FREE FLIGHT Cottage Industry." His 14-page catalog, which you can get for a dollar bill, lists lots of CO2 motors and accessories, Jet-X, mini-electrics, stooges, Easy Built kits, and more. 10% discounts to NFFS or TTOMA (Thermal Thumbers of Metro Atlanta) members or 15% if you belong to both. BW
2211 155th Street
Cameron, IL 61423
(309) 342-7474
Roland Friestad publishes a "magazine" called FULL SIZE PLANS with 6 issues per year - It contains 4 to 5 full size plans in each issue and a basic subscription in the USA is $36 per year - The main thrust of the magazine is the publication of old classic kit and magazine plans for those who want to build models or just look at plans. The plans are available in both printed and digital formats. Friestad also has a project he is calling THE DIGITAL LIBRARY in which he is making high quality scans of complete issues of model magazines and out of print books and documents, mostly related to model aviation at this time. TS
formerly Deltana Airshows
29856 Highway 2
Shelby, MT 59474-2917
Send SASE for list of Gee Bee memorabilia and tape on the making and flying of the Benjamin / Wolf R-2.
Roadkill Division
David Barfield, High Commander FAC GPP
2000 Trophy Dr.
Marietta, GA 30062
This Flying Aces Club affiliate offers not only membership for $5, but a neat multi-colored patch comes with it! Charter members can get patches for $3. (+ a buck for postage). BW
81 W. Bruceton Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15236
(412) 653-0178
Harry makes a neat little glue gun for small and fragile models based on a small plastic bottle with a nozzle kept free of glue by a built-in wire unplugger. I love it! Works with cellulose or R/C 56. $10. + $1 for postage. Call him. Also has a "kicker" device that saves eyes, trouble, and money. BW
417 Howerton Rd.
Catasauqua, PA 18032
(215) 266-6539
Books for sale. I have no experience dealing with Herb, but he has some interesting books at reasonable prices on his list dealing with full sized aircraft. SASE for list. BW
45 Kirk Crescent
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada S7H 3B1
(306) 955-1620
This is the place to get the GizmoGeezer precision freewheeler front end for your P-30 or rubber scale model, high performance props, T-shirts and other goodies essential to the FF'er. online catalog at email CG
Dave Fritzke
Since his passing, Dick Gleason's plan service has been acquired by Dave Fritzke. There are several thousand plans in the collection, and they are being scanned and indexed to be made available for distribution. Contact Dave for more information.
Jim Hanson
331 Hamilton St.
Costa Mesa, CA92627
(714) 646-3603
Jim Has been using his computer to produce some fine custom work in decals on clear film yup real decals water slide off and all that stuff incl. Vinyl lettering etc, small operation but may be what your looking for to finish that special model. CG
13096 W. Cross Dr.
Littleton, CO 80127 USA
Tim has for sale those wonderful carbon steel razor blades that we so cherished when we were kids. Far far superior to any stainless blades ever made. Send him a Buck and a stamped envelope he will send you 4 samples. Now producing wood and materials for the indoor modeller lots of good stuff, see his site at follow links to sales. CG
P.O. Box 1685
Andover, MA 01810
Jim Fiorello has old time plans and kits that are some of the best available. The illustrated plan and kit catalog is $3 (212 plans and 32 kits). He also has decals, canopies, wheels, tissue, etc. BW
355 Grand Blvd.
Bedford, OH 44146
Scale plans at reasonable prices, $2 /sht.! Dallaire, Lindberg, others. $1 will bring list and sample plan. Sounds like a bargain! BW
Svermona 1371 26601
Beroun -2 Czechoslovakia
Radek's plans, according to John Fredriksen, are "incredible." With 495mm to 621mm spans, his five models are for rubber and Modela CO2. Prices run from $ $7. Plus $3. postage. Suggest you send three International reply coupons (avail. at your P.O.) when asking for a list. Present models include D-7, Ki.61, P-47, Bf109E and Bristol Scout D Some have photo-etched parts! BW
Box 658
Plaistow, NH 03865
This is Fred Hall's address for his great book on indoor scale models. Don't know the present price, but it used to be quite reasonable and informative. BW
3491 Mission Oaks Blvd.
Camarillo, CA 93011-6010
(800) 423-2567
Cheap tools, mostly large, but they deliver free on orders over $50. Great deals on small riffler files, bench drill presses, precision screwdrivers, 1" belt sanders, jigsaws, etc. outlets in many cities Free tool catalog. Call! CG
4782 Unity Line Rd.
New Waterford, OH 44445
Professional video of 1992 Flying Aces NATS at Geneseo, NY. $24.95 pp. simply outstanding! BW
15 Happy Hollow Rd.
Wayland, MA 01778
Scale, balsa stripper, rubber stripper. Stuff for indoor types. BW
Dr. John B. Martin
2180 Tigertail
Miami, FL 33133
"Doc" Martin puts out the longest-running newsletter with character in the hobby! The Miami Indoor Aircraft Model Association is a leader in the indoor scene internationally. $12.50/yr. will get you this n/l chock full of news, plans, hints, and Doc's philosophy. A winner! BW

Doc Martin flew West a few years ago. Not sure of the current state of the MIAMA organization or newsletter. Any updates? TS

Planbooks Vol 1 thru 7 Compilations of expert designed indoor plans, Peanuts, Pistachios and more from 23 years of the MIAMA club newsletter. Edited by Doc Martin, it is a treasure of indoor FF.Full of flying plans, hints and innovative technique. Send SASE for contents list or just order by snailmail (no online orders/credit cards)to: Dave VTO Linstrum 4016 Maguire Blvd Apt 3314 Orlando FL 32803 USA. Volumes are $7 check or MO each postpaid USA (add $for overseas) You tried the rest-now get THE BEST. Hours of reading pleasure.
Route 1
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814-6070
Dave Haught has about 70 interesting and unique plans for rubber scale ships, most of them peanut from the Caudron C-460 or the Antoinette 1912 for $2 a throw. He also publishes a book entitled Building with Kids with over 20 projects for clubs or youth groups. ($20.) Send a large S.A.S.E. for a copy of his listings.
36598 Brookhill Dr.
Romeo, MI 48065
I have not seen Ray's 30-page directory called "Designed for the Newcomer" but it sounds intriguing. Directory of rubber-powered kits, supplies, plans, full-size Bostonian plan with "how-to" article, tips, and 50 pictured designs to help you select a project. $3.95 PP (advertised in Sam Speaks July-Aug 1992) BW
formerly TOPMAC
Art Koehlar
7941 SW 10th. St.
Topeka, KS 66615
Club active in indoor and outdoor flying. Interesting letter, not heavy on FF Scale. Still, at 10 issues for ten bucks, it will keep you up to speed with the events, etc. in the Heart of America! BW
555 Sloop # 9
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
William Heil makes some nice-flying (but fragile) rubber-powered balsa helicopter models. ?Free Sample? for $4 plus shipping. Clever and stable design using plastic tube 'fuselage'. Catalog of helicopter kits and plans $2. BW
1431 Chaffee Dr., Ste. 3
Titusville, FL 32780
(407) 264-2488
Tom Herr has build a reputation for flyable models with laser-cut parts. I built his 30" Fairchild 24, It went together easily and looks cute, but the nose plug hole needs to be doubled, and a sheeted cowl area looks better than the "stock" starved front end look. Does over a minute regularly. He has a Tom Nallen-designed P-51-D at $34.95, and a new Gee Bee R-2 (see front-end comments on F-24 above) that flies SUPER (at least Chris Starleaf's does!). Tom also sells discounted Gampi paper, micro-tip glue applicators and lots of supplies for the FF scale rubber builder. Catalog $2. New models constantly, such as a Cub on floats, Pitts Special, Helio Courier and now some small walnut scale kits. A LOT of guys really like Herr kits! I've built most and they are very easy to build. CG
I have built the Herr MiniSport RC Park Flyer with great success. Have also seen a few of their rubber kits built and flown very successfully. TS
They have closed their doors no longer doing business. CG
Denny Atkins and Ray Abadie stock lots of useful stuff like Trexler wheels, Japanese silk, CyA bullet applicator tips, Peck, Golden Age, Veron, KeilKraft, Mercury kits, dopes, tissues, etc. I haven't done business with 'em, but they look good. Where else can you get jetex scale kits? Slick catalog with lots of pix and drawings says $4 on it. Probably cost 'em $5 to print! You really ought to be in touch! BW
San Bernardino, CA 92402
Mostly R/C plans, but Bob carries over 100 FF gas, rubber plans, and 3-views from the Aeromodeller Plan Service (APS). The APS catalog is $5 plus postage. Ask for the H.J.Towner plan list of FF scale subjects. BW
RR 2, Morell
Prince Edward Island
COA1SO Canada
Wendell has a spring-controlled elevator system for catapult models that prevents the ol' high speed loop. His Catapult Model Handbook and Plans, Spring-Loaded Elevator, Plans for an ME-163, and How to Make a Cheap Vacu-Former sells for $9 American. I haven't seen it.BW
Bernard Guest has officially joined the free flight cottage industry with the launch of his new company, Hummingbird Model Products. He will be offering a line of laser cut short kits for scale, AMA, FAI, and SAM designs as well as a selection of tools for the Free flight sportsman, as well as plans and model airplane art (mainly for the scale enthusiasts). This is a new venture (November 2017) and we expect his line of products will expand rapidly over the coming months. Please keep an eye on the website for new arrivals. Consider an HMP purchase for the holidays.
P.O. Box 726
Dunbar, WV 25064-0726
Allen has over 2,000 plans, many with line drawings in the catalog so you can see what they look like. Many of the old-time model plans have been re-done with rib and former outlines and both wings, a nice feature for many which were originally done with only one. Some have 3-view scale drawings with them. Catalog is $4, refundable with order. BW CG
Box 2020
Florence, OR 97439
(541) 902-8508
Lew Gitlow carries lots of stuff for indoor modellers plus some tested beginners' models such as the Yard Bird, Slow Poke, and 12" hand launched gliders. His wood selection for the kits is outstanding. Catalog $2. BW
Thedo Andre Meijhorst
35-43 NL-6537JD
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Thedo's neat newsletter has all the latest indoor stuff worldwide. 6 issues airmail to the U.S. is $20. (Cash or Postal M.O.) A must for scale nuts who fly indoors.BW
Roy White
1025 Cedar St.
Catawissa, MO
(314) 271-2243
An indoor newsletter chock full of great things... plans, hints, tips, news of indoor meets and the like. Four to six issues a year depending... $9 US, $12.Can. BW
4335 Field Meadow Dr.
Katy, TX 77449
(713) 855-6853
Bob will vacuum form any canopy that fits his 6" X 9" platen for only $5 plus postage. Send him your finished mold (coated with epoxy resin if possible) and he'll return it and the gorgeous new canopy. He has a new platen which can even do 1/4 scale size stuff. Call him about your special needs. Bob does good work. BW
655 State College
Fullerton, CA 92631
16 colors of tissue including silver. $1 + large SASE for samples is a good way to see what he has. This classic Japanese tissue weighs 3.25 gr. for a 17 1/2 by 23 1/4" sheet. It is $2. /sht. plus $1.50 P&H. If you use tissue, you'll love the selection! BW
PSSSt Off Sheet
3242 N. De Quincy St.
Indianapolis, IN 46218
(317) 726-9244
Roger Wathen, Sr. does a fine N/L for Jetex fans which covers fuels, engines, flying, etc. Only Jetex N/L in No. America. 6 big issues for $10 US, $11. Canada, $15 to $18. elsewhere (US dollars). Back issues available. vol 1 $7, vol 2 $8 vol 3 thru current $10 Been gone for a while but he's back CG
36631 Ledgestone
Mt. Clemens, MI 48043
Balsa stripper, indoor wood. Torque meter, razor plane, prop jigs. SASE BW
Unfortunately Jim Jones has retired. He has passed his designs along though, and we will update with news on availability. TS
Morrie Leventhal
1788 Niobe Av.
Anaheim, CA 92804
Kits and Plans Antiquitous is for folks who want to preserve and exchange old wood model plans and kits, and to save the history of individuals and companies that created them. The quarterly newsletter edited by Lou Buffardi costs only $8 /yr.$10 U.S. in Canada $13, U.S. by I.M.O. outside U.S. and Canada. Members can advertise "wanted", "for sale", or "trade" at no cost. Indices of plans etc. all at low prices. Make checks out to KAPA. Highly nostalgic, and an excellent publication for nostalgia buffs! CG
201 W. June Circle
Mesa, AZ 85201-1716
(609) 969-1716
Kear's has a nice line of basswood and spruce sticks starting with 1/32? sq. Also 1/64" and up birch plywood, superlight contest balsa and all of the usual hobby shop stuff. Send a large SASE and a buck for their price list. BW
P.O. Box 889
Hackettstown, N.J.07840
(908) 850-1385
5 gram electric motor for peanut scale models. This tiny unit is cute, and can be had with gears and different prop/battery combinations. I have seen 4-engines profile jobs fly great with these. May be slow on delivery, though, as they're all home made units. Motor w/o gears, batt. Only about $6. - smaller than the Kodak disc-camera unit. KENWAY has a new tiny electric geared unit for peanut-sized models powered by a capacitor rather than batteries. There are good reports on it, but also I have heard of a capacitor exploding on being overcharged, and the motor being prone to give more trouble than the "larger" Kenways. Note: some of the OFFC guys are using small 10 OHM potentiometers with the standard direct drive Kenways, which allows the power to be adjusted for indoor flight (put the pot in the positive lead to the motor). They use two pots for twins and give one motor slightly more R's to adj. flight circle! Kenway sells the pots for $2.95 ea. but they can often be found in surplus for 30 cents. BWCG
P.O. Box 64189
Tucson AZ 85728 tel info 520-622-2200
fax. 520-622-3700
orders 800-388-9622
Paper airplanes a bundle of 'em and listed according to time period. Website is at and another site with more stuff, yes paper airplanes that fly at visit the site you'll have fun just looking through the oodles of stuff Fred Hirsch has available, you may find something you can't live without. Something for everyone. CG
2121 Staunton Court
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(800) 558-8944
Captain Midnight's 1940 secret decoder badge in replica form, full size. Two for $6 shipping $3.50. What a deal! Polish 'em up with a little rubbing compound and they look great. BW
Rowlands Castle
Hants. PO9 6AS, UK
Makers of a fine, clever mini-electric unit with automatic shut-off on impact. Also plastic props for mini electrics and small rubber ships. The 6" and 7" props are available in LH and RH and have replaceable blades with textured camber which is supposed to boost performance. The 5 1/2" one-piece mini-electric prop is re-engineered for high performance, according to Eric Marsden. They have a new small adjustable nose button assembly that is sensational! $4.US for 1 or $6. for two (send cash). You will love it! BW
4308 Ulster Landing Rd.
Saugerties, N.Y.12477
(914) 336-5975
Bob Kress has been experimenting with multiple prop, geared-down power systems using belt drives powered by Cox .049's and Astro .035's and .05's. If you want to use one motor and drive several props, I suggest you might want to keep up with what Bob is up to. Looks promising, but I don't know any F/F Scaler that has tried his set up, CG did with the duct fan and the 05 puts out 1lb. of thrust static w/6 cells.
P. A. L. Model Products

32 Clinton St.
White Plains, N.Y.10603
(914) 949-60839 to 7 EST
Bob has come to the rescue of all you K&B 'Infant Torpedo' owners by having had some complete engines and glowheads manufactured in Russia. His glowheads outperform the originals. $5. ea. or 3/$12 + $1 S/H, the engines go for $75 +$4.50 S&H . BW
685 Farmington Av.
Ottawa, ONT
K1V 7H4 Canada
(613) 736- 9003
Dave carries many diesels, among which are the neat little AE's from England, the most interesting of which are his .2cc and .5cc models (saw the .5 run, and it's a dandy). I have the .2 and it is balky without 60% ether in the fuel at my altitude 4800 ft. He also carries the latest .75 Mills replica, more powerful than the original, it will also start first flip when warm. Send for his list or give him a call. CG
This one is a website only. If you remember a plan of a particular airplane and can't remember where you saw it, here's the place to go. Listings for models from FM,MB,AM,etc.Compiled by David and it's free when you go to the web site. He has been updating all of his data for us on a monthly basis, great place to go and look up that beauty. CG
1623 57th St.
Lubbock, TX 794121
(806) 745-6394
I have not done business with 'em, but their catalog which looks interesting, mainly for their bulk balsa packs. For a 25% surcharge, they will pick balsa for weight and grain. They support Flying Aces, so they must be a cut above the average hobby shop! BW
19600 Fairchild, Ste 150
Irvine, CA 92715
You can become a member of the only 630 acre FF-Modeller-owned FF site in the world located off I-5 in California's central Valley. I have a love-hate relationship with the place, as it is fantastic when the weather is good and the pits when the winds blows and stirs up the gypsum. And there is the Valley Fever danger from the dust. Still, its OURS, and deserves our support. $10 per year. I urge you to send for an application and support FF even if you never intend to fly there. If you don't support FF, who will? CG
359 So.119th. East Av.
Tulsa, OK 74128
Don Mace has a couple of fine beginners' indoor fliers called the P-18 and P-24 (number=inches of wingspan). Great fliers, and easy to build. He also has plans, balsa, rubber, tissue, propellers, and "much more." Send $1 for catalog. BW
8 Murray Rd.
Horndean, Hants
PO8 9JS U.K.
Eric has a number of fine plans of his that he sells. His Short Cockle electric seaplane is a sweetheart! BW
(FAC No. 27)
I know zip about what they are doing up there in Northern California, but with George Benson in the club, I'm sure it is great. BW
As Bill Winter suggests, MAC is a great group of folks, though George has passed the baton to Tom Whitworth. You can email Tom at MAC gets together at St. Vincent's Scool in Marinwood (@15 miles N. of the Golden Gate Bridge on 101) for fun indoor flying on the fourth Sunday of each month (except December). Outdoor flying happens on the second Sundays, May through October. Despite, or perhaps because of, the informality, I learned an awful lot about FF and building models while flying with MAC for nearly 10 years. Worth stopping in if you are nearby. Here are a few web pages about MAC. TS
Journal of the D.C. Maxicuters
c/o Stew Meyers, Treasurer
8304 Whitman Drive
Bethesda, MD 20817
The Maxecuters are a class act, and have a class newsletter with a separate, build-on scale plan with each issue! The bi-monthly newsletter is something a serious FF Scaler should be without! $15. /yr. BW
340 Snyder Av.
Berkeley Heights NJ 07922
(800) 225-1066
Small tools useful and reasonably priced for the most part. Good brushes, bulk X-Acto blades, Dremels and accessories, world's tiniest power tools, vises, etc. Free catalog. BW
Box 1063
Lorain, OH 44055
(216) 282-8354
Kits, supplies, and advice on indoor modelling. They make some nice outdoor kits, too. Their Fike "E" is a good follow up to the Lacey. Catalog: $2. Highly recommended. BW Not very scale Fike but eminently flyable. CG
N/L Karl Spielmaker
4690 Burlingame, SW
Wyoming, MI 49509
Quarterly newsletter with something to build in each issue. Interesting and inexpensive. Was $3/yr. in 1989 probably more now due to postage increases? BW
4631 Hutchison Ave.
Cincinnati OH 4528
(513) 574 8488
orders (800)-555-0133
Hardwood Dowels 1/32" to 2"dia. Oak, Maple, Hickory, Walnut, Cherry, etc. good quick service. CG
Unit 9, 5100 South Service Rd.
Burlington, Ontario L7L 6A5
(905) 632-9808
Canada's equivalent of the AMA. Their bimonthly magazine doesn't have much FF Scale that ours does, but you might wish to be in touch concerning Canadian hobby shops or the Canadian NATS or whatever. Subscription rates to the magazine are about $12. Call. BW
375 1st. Pl., NW
Issaquah, WA 98027
(206) 392-5970
Don Reich used to sell just to dealers, but is now supplying FF'ers direct. He carries a wide range of stuff from Peck's, Aerodyne, Cox, Easy Built, FAI, PAW, etc. Call and ask about a catalog. BW
108 So. Lee St.
Irving, TX 75060
MAL carries a line of peanut kits produced from Dave Linstrum designs. (Pilatus Porter, Kitfox, Jenny, etc.). The only one I have seen was a freebie, their first kit, the Martin MO-1 had gas model silkspan in it. I trust they have rectified that problem by now. $9.95pp.... cheap! BW
251 Danbury Rd. Wilton, CT 06897 Catalog of 3V, back issues, model plans that have appeared in MAN over the years. They have some good stuff that would interest you from the good old days. Catalog was $2 A couple of years ago. BW
P.O. Box 12033
Haupauge, NY 11788
Bob Aberle and Tom Hunt, according to Earl Van Gorder, have started a new model biz with electrics plans, partial kits, elec. accessories. Example: 37" Percival Mew Gull plan $12., with vacuforms avail. for another $10. Haven't seen any of their work. Try a large SASE and a buck for their listings. BW

Model Air Tech plans are still available from

5151 E. Memorial Dr.
Muncie, IN 47302
This is the official publication of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, the organization that controls most model airplane activity in the U.S. Besides the magazine, members get contest rule books, liability insurance and representation in Washington. Bill Warner has written the Free Flight Scale column in this magazine, which covers all phases of airplane modeling, for nearly 20 years. The monthly magazine is $18. /yr. ($10. for schools and $13.50 for libraries) or comes with membership. Membership is $48. /yr.; Youth $15; Senior $38. BW
3724 John L. Ave.
Kingman, AZ 86401
Gordon Codding is the man that made those rubber stamps for WW-I German camouflage. Obscure and scale plans and 3-views. BW
M R L (Model Research Labs)
25108 Marguerite Pkwy. #160
Mission Viejo, CA 92692
Curt Stevens sells Kevlar thread, mylar, graphite, boron fiber. Catalog is full of new technology miracle materials. The website has all the catalog on it. CG
(some cottage huh?) Over a million photos, large library, data galore.
Washington, DC, 20560
Research Requests
Smithsonian Institution Services Branch
Printing and Photographic Office
Washington, D.C., 20506
(202) 357-1930
Nat'l Air and Space Museum
Archival Support Ctr., Bldg.12
3904 Old Silver Hill Rd.
Suitland, MD 20746
(301) 238-3480
Drawings, including enough on Wacos to build about any of the full-sized ones. I have not used any of these services personally, try 'em as a last resort. Dealing with organizations this size can be frustrating at times. BW
8601 Adelphi Rd
College Park, MD 20740-6001
Washington, D.C. 20408
(202) 501-5455
Looking for an old American Navy, AF, or civilian plane? This is hardly a cottage industry, but it's a little-known source of photos and research. Call 'em. BW
Bert Dugan
11090 Phyllis Dr.
Clio, MI 484201
(313) 686-0655
Bert is the Secretary/Treasurer of this group. Their Scale Data Source list produced for their members by Claude McCullough is being updated for 1994. It has a lot of good addresses for the really serious scale nut. Membership is $8/yr., which includes a membership card, decal, and newsletter subscription. BW
12324 Percival St.
Chester, VA 23831
The NFFS is dedicated to promoting free flight through publication of the 10-issue per year digest (professional quality), sponsoring events of national and international interest, running a plans service and putting out symposium papers. Serious FF modellers are encouraged to join. One-year membership and Digest sub. for $20, $38 for two years (preferred). For a list of NFFS supplies and publications including British FF Forums, send a SASE to Fred Terzian, 4858 Moorpark Ave., San Jose, CA 95129. Subscriptions go to NFFS c/o Hank Nystrom, 3317 Pine Timbers Drive Johnson City TX 37604-1404. BW
4142 W. Cambridge Ave.
Visalia, CA 93277
Charlie Neeley has a few well-researched plans and drawings (e.g. N-4 Canuck, Travel Air 200, Taylor Chummy) and has extensive work on the P-51 from his collection of original microfilms. SASE for list. Charlie has also started a newsletter for P-51 enthusiasts called the Mustang Modeller and Enthusiast. $16. brings you this quarterly that a P-51 nut can't be without! BW
2800 Tremainsville Rd.
Toledo, OH 43613. Domedusters report they have telescoping 16' and 20' poles. Free catalog. Note: About 8yrs. ago Roger Dunn, a golf store chain, also carried a telescoping pole for ball retrieving that is fine for low-ceiling work (and cheap, under $10.on sale.) BW
Edmund S. Whitten, Jr.
P.O. Box 176
Wall Street Station
New York, N.Y. 10005
(212) 724-0282
Ed is the guy who keeps indoor fliers from Maine to Maryland up to date on what is going on in indoor flying. $12. for 10 issues.
11 Birchdale Crescent
St John NB
Canada E2K 4T4
Jim has a book available featuring 3 airplanes named Thunder and 3 airplanes named Lightning all for a paltry 25 USD pp slightly higher outside of USA and Canada he also has 2 new ones "Laying Out the Drawing" and "Modelling The Rare Curtiss Fighters" no prices yet so E-mail for more information. website is CG
3 Wiemes St.
Waterford, CT 06385
Even if you don't live in their area, the Norwich guys have a bang-up newsletter called Wingovers and Wallbangers. They fly mostly scale indoors and are quite an active and accomplished bunch (such as Henry Struck, Al Lawton, Jim Grant, etc.). The n/l has nice plans, hints, news, photos, and 3-views. It is one of the best-kept secrets around. Their 1997 Flying Aces Calendar ($7.50PP) is a gem, with a plan a month ranging from ten-cent scale models, electrics, profile scale, pennyplane, etc. all ready for enlargement. N/L is $13. for 6 issues to: NFA Treasurer Peter Havriluk, 3 Round Hill Rd., Grandby, CT 06035. BW
139 Boardwalk, B
Greenbrae, CA 94904
Interesting Peanut model kits with some very well thought out pieces. Nice set of wire spoke wheels in only one size (darn.) BW
P.O. Box 355
Mohawk, NY 13407
Charles and Ted Brebeck have about all of the replacement parts ever made for OK .049, .059 and small stuff from the original company. You can still get a new .049 for $17.95! (unless the prices have gone up since 1996). An .06 for $15.95! used to be $4.95 Send $2 for their 1/2 A engine catalog and spec sheets. Sounds too good to be true. CG

4760 N. Battin
Wichita, KS 67220
Jim has a list similar to, and predating this one. It includes many references I have not included. I think two dollars will bring it to you. BW
Box 116
Wilmington, MA 01887-0116
Chet Bukowski has launched a new plan service featuring three plans packets for 14" to 16" old-time Guillows models consisting of five plans each. The sets now available look quite flyable and interesting, featuring such old chestnuts as the Cessna Airmaster (F-50), Taylor Cub, Rearwin Speedster, Fleet Trainer, etc., but also less well-know ships such as the Mechanics Flyabout. $7. /set plus $1.50PH ($3. for all 3 shipped together). Send a SASE for the list, which will soon include more sets. BW
140 E. Golden Lake Lane
Circle Pines, MN 55014
I hear via Vol Libre that Bob Oppegard has a fine quality rubber stripper. I haven't seen one myself. BW

Bob did produce a fine rubber stripper. Unfortunately his passing ceased its manufacture. I believe it is back in production. News anyone? TS

Rt.1, Box 151 E
Baker City, OR 97814
Low cost torque meter for winding P-30 size models in the)-20 in./oz. range (Tan II 1/8" size strand motor breaks at 15) Individually-calibrated, and well worth the $18.50 PP if you are a person that goes for maximum performance. BW
300 W. Lincoln #82
Orange, CA 92665
Ferrell, who has had more ducted-fan experience than almost anyone, has just finished a superb 60-page book on this interesting field. It covers building the MIG 15, both as a rubber profile and 19" or 25" electric versions, with the techniques applicable to any ducted-fan project. He also covers how to do markings with a color dot matrix, printer, build your own props and vacu-form a canopy, and lots of other useful stuff. The price of $24. (+ $4. S/H in US) is a little stiff, but if you want to get into successful ducted fan building and flying, you can't find better info. or plans. BW
3013 Sigmund Circle
Columbia, SC
David G. Smith edits a 2 to 3-time-a year n/l for this Flying Aces-oriented group with lots of interesting stuff. Nice and certainly worth your $5. /yr. support. BW
433 Nihoa St.
Kahului, Hawaii 96732
(808) 244-4667
Ray Roberts sells what is probably the largest selection of paper airplane stuff in the world. Each item in his expanded catalog, which weighs over a pound, contains hundreds of items illustrated and checked on a format with some 20 categories as to how many models there are, whether it flies, die cut or not, difficulty level, etc. Cost of $18 ($23. outside USA) deducted from first order. "Free" card model included with catalog. Many nice scale models. Ray is also starting a paper airplane museum. Ask him about it. He's looking for exhibits.
4944 Commerce Parkway
Cleveland, OH 44128
(800) 372-5282
This is a diversified outfit which does not carry many flying models, and I have never ordered from them. Doug Dahlke says it is worth a look, and I agree. They handle a cute Rearwin Speedster kit for $12.99 and a Fleet Canuck on floats for $9.99 which might fly well. They also have a line of useful junk from small tools to die-cast planes and dollhouse kits. Phone 'em for free and ask for their catalog. BW
Model-for-model, Peck's has more winners than any other manufacturer I know. Their line of really good kits, supplies, engines, motors, books and plans is second to none for the beginning and experienced modeller alike. Peck Polymers has recently redesigned all of their kits to include parts laser cut from contest quality balsa. BW, TS
Chuck Imbergamo took over the reins of Peck Polymers in early 2015 and moved it to its new home in Connecticut. It will be part of Wind-It-Up Enterprises. ts
837 W. Main St.
Lansdale, PA 19446
(215) 855-1268
(215) 368-0770
FAX (215) 855-3976
Bill and Jean Shive are the official hobby shop of the FAC NATS, bringing trailer loads of goodies to the field. The recently bought out Jack Fike's SCALE FLIGHT MODEL CO. with all of those great dime scale kits and plans. They have tons of stuff in their 'old time model shop' Order phones are 24 hrs. BW
See (Envision Design)
See A.M.A.
John Pond had probably the largest selection of plans anywhere! He had four different catalogs: Free-Flight, gas-powered, Rubber and Towline, Scale Models A-K, and Scale Models L-Z. As of early 2005, the AMA has purchased, sorted and indexed the John Pond Collection and is now selling plans, making this wonderful collection available to all again.
Dave Rees, was one of the world's leading FF scale modellers, designing numerous successful Free Flight models. He also made a popular 10:1 winder for big rubber jobs. Volare Products has acquired the rights and tooling for this winder since Dave's passing. His plans continue to be available from Flying Models ts
Box 68
Stockertown, PA 18083
(610) 746-0106
Don Typond knows what he is doing when it comes to painting realism into pilots, and shares it with us on a 2 hr. video which will amaze you at how much you didn't know about doing this sort of thing! $19.95 plus $3.P/H will bring it to you. Great idea: have your club buy one and show it in installments at meetings. BW
DON ROSS - deceased
3-views of Italian aircraft by Carlo Godel you have never even heard of, 3Vs of all of the Fikes and other rare aircraft. Interesting plans in scale F/F, R/C and C/L. Also archival materials of rare aircraft, printed tissue, documentation sheets for your scale aircraft. BW

Alas, on May 18, 2005, Carlo flew West. The future of his plans is unknown. TS

2934 1/2 Beverly Glen Circle #255
Los Angeles, CA 90077
(310) 271-4805
Hank Fasola has produced excellent small geared electric motor units for Scale models for many years. Lightweight, geared units with chargers and accessories. Highly recommended. Catalog $1.CG
7686 B Drive South
Battle Creek, MI 49014-8582
George Bredehoft has software for you on the web which gives dimensions for a prop blank, a layout for molding props on a can, or stacking dimensions for a laminated prop. He also has plans available for many interesting models all qualify for FAC rules flying so drop by his web site or drop him a letter in the snail mail. He also operates a web page service for those of you who need a helping hand to do the web thing. CG
Paul Clark
Box 5702
Hamden, CT 06518
Paul is relatively new to the miniature electric field. He is the least expensive of growing small electric motor system suppliers. He sells small elec. motor systems, chargers, and an info pack on how to make your own from Radio Shack parts. I've seen his models fly well, so why not yours? SASE for listings.BW
One Rockingham Dr.
Wilmington, DE 19803
Robert sells lozenge pattern tissue for peanut and other scale WW1 German models, according to FAC GHQ, that is great. He has a selection of sizes and colors at $5.50 a sheet PP. Seen his work, real nice and if you've tried it you know it ain't simple. Needs to know scale and type for match up. Perfect for that D-VII peanut. CG
1908-C, Tice Valley Rd.
Box 221
Walnut Creek, CA 94595
(510) 937-8063
Bob Munson has a couple of little D.T.timers weighing only .7 gram which would be ideal for small FF Scale ships. Professionally-made, these devices, named "Button" can run up to 6 minutes. They use an internal viscous substance for resistance (Silly Putty?) $18 + $1 postage. I have static tested one, and it works great. BW
13 Southminster Rd.
Cardiff, So. Glamorgan
tel: (0222)-490501
John Fredrickson sent me the nine-page catalog of plans this gentleman carries (prices average about one and a half British pounds). Lots of scale models from Drome, Aeromodels, Airdya, Astral, Frog, Keil...has a few Jetex scale jobs, too. Peter also has a fair supply of Jetex 50 fuel though wick is in short supply. Send four dollar bills for the list. Interesting. BW
8311 Babe Ruth
San Antonio, TX 78240
(210) 681-2817
Joe Joseph puts out a fine newsletter for the Pilotos Locos and the Alamo Escadrille which might interest you. Fritz Mueller does a lot of original stuff for it, which should make the price of $10. For 12 issues quite attractive! BW
16 Freemans Rd.
Otaki, New Zealand
Tel: +64-6-364-6391
Fax: +64-6-364-6410
Gary Mansfield has kits for a 20" Hurricane, 16 1/4" ME109E, Spitfire I 18.5" plus a number of kits coming available in late 1993. (2 Tempests, Typhoon, with Sea Fury, Lysander, and Gladiator slated for 1994.) I haven't seen his kits, which sell for about NZ$20. (coming kits will be $30.), but I'm sure kit collectors will check this out. John Fredericksen forwarded this one. BW
c/o Vic Nippert
6 Douglas Dr.
Lake Katrine, N.Y. 12449
(914) 382-1967
This newsletter from the Mid-Hudson Modelmasters maintains a consistent high quality, balancing club news with hints and tips and model plans you can build on. It is a monthly, and can be yours for ten bucks. BW
12 Marston Lane
Eaton, Norwich
Norfolk, NR4 6LZ, U.K.
The Aerodyne of the U.K. and Europe, Michael has a catalog of some of the most sought after goodies one would imagine. His prices and sizes are in pounds and meters so conversion might be necessary for you. An S.A.S.E. with 3 int. post reply coupons will bring the catalog add a buck to the letter to cover the cost of the paper and printing.
The Journal of the Early Aeroplane 1900-1919
15 Crescent Rd.
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.12601
(914) 473-3679
Also see Skyways
Leonard Opdyke's Journal of the pre WWI and WWI era is very high quality and chock full of good solid historical articles, drawings, photos and a complete modellers section by Lou Buffardi. You could build full-sized airplanes with the stuff in here. $30/yr.for four issues. Well worth it. Back issues are available, prices vary. Sample copy $4. CG
3517 Kristie Dr.
Erie, PA 16506
Larry Marshall writes that he has received Yesteryear's catalog of 150 Comet, Peerless, Megow, Cleveland, and etc/ plans. They have a special on plan reductions on 27 of their plans: $1. ea. of 6 for $5. SASE for catalog. BW
2708 N. 4th St. #D3
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
(520) 526-8666
Yes there is a Hobby Shop in northern Arizona. Bill caries all of the stuff you might want and can order almost everything else you didn't want. His experience in the fine art of modelling can help you bring a stinker of a project to fruition. He loves the wild stuff like flying wings, Autogyros, canards and tandem wings. His electronic gadgets are welcome additions to the hobby. CG

***If you check out any unknowns, or find any of the others with changes needed in the listings, or discover new ones that need listing, or if it has an e-mail address or website, let me know and I'll make the updates. Without you out there feeding us the info it would be well neigh impossible to publish this and keep it updated.


Thayer Syme

Thank you to everyone who has sent in updates on the entries. A very special thanks goes to Bill Warner who compiled and held on to this publication, updated it, nurtured and babied it, and who also helped make F/F scale a place where everyone was welcomed as a part of the gang. Also to Ricardo Mora for his assistance to Carlo to digitize the Cottage Wings List, and to Carlo for taking up the banner when BW needed relief.

For the time being, I'll take it from here and do the best I can.