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Below you will find information regarding The Free Flight Mailing List (FFML), a mailing list dedicated to the pasttime of flying uncontrolled free flight models.

All manners of Free Flight are discussed and are welcome within the FFML. Subscribers have experience with ultralight indoor duration as well as sport and scale FF models powered with rubber, electric, CO2, glow, diesel, compressed air and rocket motors. There is also often dicussion of handlaunched, catapult and towline gliders.

If you would like to subscribe to this list, carefully read and follow the below instructions. There is also an F.A.Q. that provides additional information for subscribers.

There are 2 versions of the list available, both containing the same info. You must choose one or the other. You can't subscribe to both options from the same address.

Option A, the regular mail list: This option will send out the individual messages as they are received by the list server. The main advantage is that messages can be sorted and sifted within your email application to better suit your own modeling needs and preferences.

Option B, Digest Format: The digest option sequences many individual messages as they come in. They are grouped into a single larger message which is then sent out at least once a day or after a digest accumulates about 30K of text. This option is preferred by many modelers getting personal email at work.

Subscribing / Unsubscribing: This is often a mystery for folks. To ease the pain, I have posted links below. They are the easiest way to subscribe and to control your delivery mode. Just click on the appropriate link below.

All subscription requests need to be sent to

The address is different to unsubscribe.

Click here to visit the FFML home page and manage your subscription.

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