Founded right after WWII, the Marin Aero Club offers its members and guests the chance to enjoy model aviation for the pure of joy of watching one's own creations drift through the air, and focus on having a good time rather than posting a good time. Some of my fondest model aviation memories come from the several years I spent flying with this wonderful group of people while living in San Francisco. The Marin Aero Club has been in existence since about 1948, and flies indoors at the St Vincent School in Marinwood, approximately 20 miles north of San Francisco's famed Golden Gate Bridge.

Since I moved to Connecticut in 2004, I will refer you to the official Marin Aero Club web page and blog for the latest information and flying schedules.

During the time that I flew with M.A.C., most of the models flown were smaller peanut and pistachio models, Dime and Nickel Scale, and No-Cal, as well as an assortment of non scale models such as Delta Darts, Bostonians, A-6, Ministick, and other smallish duration models. This was due to the physical restrictions of the indoor facility at the St. Vincent's School where we flew indoors. For power sources, we use rubber, electric, CO2, and compressed air. Each month, there are "fly for fun" sessions.

George Benson has prepared a wonderful guideline to help those beginning to build and fly balsa wood and tissue covered model planes get started. It is well worth reviewing for even experienced modelers or those returning to the hobby..

These two links will show you some of the fun we had. The models currently being flown are quite similar to those you will see.

Marin Aero Club Sport Flying Gallery
Marin Aero Club Contest Gallery

For more information, please visit the current Marin Aero Club web site and blog.
You can also email the club.

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