FFML E-Postal Mooney Memorial Build - Fly Off

Featuring the Andreason BA-4B Biplane

Photo by Richard Riding

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There has been a long tradition of postal contests for Free Flight modeling. Recently, the internet has facilitated these opportunities to match our planes against modelers from around the world. With that in mind, FFML is now hosting a contest based on the Walt Mooney designed Peanut Scale Andreason BA-4B Biplane.

The Mooney article from the Nov. 1969 Aero Modeller is presented for your review. It details some of the history and rules of Peanut scale, as well as building and flying the model we are using for the contest. It also has more pictures, including one in color.

As kits are readily available from Peck Polymers, or often your local hobby shop, there is little reason to not join the fun!

Check out some Fuse Assembly Tips. or my recently completed framework.


Dimensions, and timing should conform to the ...

1969 RULES:

**separate recognition of CO2 and Electric powered models for folks who are so inclined.

As of now the first (annual/biannual/whatever) FFML E-Postal Mooney Memorial build and fly off has now begun.

The clock is ticking.......

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Final Standings

In order of Longest Single Flight

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In the interest of having fun with this contest, I am not going to come up with any formulae or other data manipulation. Below are the times we flew in out local sites, while having fun. Special thanks to Dick Baxter for the first times, and to Steve Gardner for some exceptional flying.

Last Updated 2/4/99

3 Flight
Pilot Times
Date Site notes
365 Steve Gardner 131, 119, 115 1-12-99 Indoor, 40'
183 Dick Baxter 92, 51, 40 11/22/98 Outdoor
246 Akihiro Danjo 84,83,79 1/27/99 Indoor, 29.5'
221 Thayer Syme 79
71, 71
Indoor, 192'
Indoor, 98'
195 Garry Hunter 64, 66, 65 1/16/99
113 Georg Tornkvist 40, 39, 34 26 Jan 1999 Indoor, 7m
102 Bill Simpson 40, 32, 30 sec 12/23/98 Indoor
105 Kenneth G. Matocha 36, 35, 34 1/20/99 Indoor, 31'
79 "Deep Thought" a.k.a. Brooks 31, 27, 21 1/10/99 Outdoor
57 Pinky (aka Bruce Stinshoff) 22, 19, 16 1-19-99 Outdoor
42 Jeff VanDyke 20, 15, 12 1/31/99 Outdoor
30* John Meacham 30 (single flight) 12/13/98 Outdoor
85 Alex Munro 32, 27, 26 2/4/99
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