FFML E-Postal Mooney Memorial Build - Fly Off

Featuring the Andreason BA-4B Biplane

Anxiously Awaiting a Picture


First real flying since the holidays. Quite cold in building, but by keeping motors warm, models flew great in the dense air. .100 rubber is just about right, model landing with very few turns left. I will eventually get a pic for the listing I hope. Low ceiling and agressive winding results in lots and lots of bumps, so the model is not so great looking now

7.11 grams RTF, inkjet colored Japanese silk tissue (.0065 gram/ sq inch) built from very light wood using wood sizes on Mooney plans. CA for frame up and thinned white glue for covering. A single coat of Krylon krystal kote (causing warping problems) all over. Foam wheels and balsa sheet blades on a birch prop spar. Rubber loop 20" x .085 for best flight so far. Very easy to trim in right circles.

As to my Andreason flying so well, I would love to get it into a higher site. trying to get max flight time in a low site makes for a great deal of banging around. I have to fix it as fast as I fly it, and this adds weight. I had hopes to break 2:30 with it, but I can see it will not happen until I get it above 40'. Breaking two minutes is no trouble for the model IF it gets lucky and doesn't hit anything. This almost never happens. Very long, very heavy motors seem to be the key to indoor peanuts. Just like Bostonians, you need a high torque average to get a "cruise" portion of the flight. I am having problems with the very long motors clumping in the back off the model. It will be 90 seconds into a great flight and suddenly start to stall, with the assosiated wandering. I have never ever flown a peanut this much before! I sure have fixed it a lot.

Steve G.