FFML E-Postal Mooney Memorial Build - Fly Off

Featuring the Andreason BA-4B Biplane

Model by Brooks

From: "Deep Thought"
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999

Finally got to go flying this weekend! It was absolutely gorgeous!! No wind today. I took my mooney Piper PA-22 Colt and the Andreason out for a spin. My best flight with the Colt was 65 seconds! (my best peanut flight time ever). After I put a little left rudder and a 1/8" shim for down thrust in the Andreason I was ready to go. I used 1 loop of 1/8" rubber 14" long. It flies like it is on rails. Very stable no wobble and no stalls. Just nice big circles up then nice circles down. By far my best success with a bipe yet. No crash damage (one of the reasons I like peanuts so well). My times, while not spectacular compares to other times posted, were very satisfying to me. My 3 best times (outdoors) were 21 seconds, 27 seconds and 31 seconds. Good luck to you all!