Assorted Aviation Bookmarks

Last Updated 4/21/15

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Model Aviation

AMA Homepage

Free Flight pages

National Free Flight Society Homepage
Bill Kuhl's Science Pages An excellent site for beginners
Old Time Model Airplane Magazine Page by Ken Horne
Cottage Wings List - Who's Who of small modeling businesses
Joe G. Joseph's Page - Windy Sock Newsletter of the Flying Aces Alamo Escadrille
Society of Antique Modelers - building and flying antique model airplanes
SAM #27 Homepage
New South Wales Free Flight Society Page


Flying Models - dedicated to all models that fly
Peck-Polymers - peanut scale, sport models & accessories
Replicraft WWI drawings by Jim Kiger - THE reference for detailed drawings
Hobby Club Site - Lots of Goodies including CO2 and micro r/c
Model Research Labs - source of mylar for tissue on mylar covering, as well as other supplies

Other Diversions

The Future is Electric - Ken Myers
Modeling goodies from Scott Cannon, including some FF tips
WWI Modeling

Unconventional Flying Machines

Flapping Wings! The Ornithopter Zone
Selection of Autogyros

General Aviation


EAA - The Sport Aviation Association
Hatz Biplanes - My personal project
Pietenpol Aircraft Company
The RV-List Homepage!

Museums, Associations & Images

Owl's Head Transportation Museum - Early A/C and Autos that get to operate.
Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI)
The Shuttleworth Collection
San Diego Aerospace Museum - Exhibit


Landings: Look It Up
Smilin' Jack's Airport Page
Embry-Riddle's Virtual Aviation Library

Other Links

While not aviation related, these other sites have also caught my eye.

Make a Motor - share this great hands-on project with the kids - The creative genius of Matthias Wandel

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