Free Flight Tips

I thought this would be a good place to pass along some of the tricks learned by more experienced builders and fliers. Please email me if you would like to offer a suggestion or an article.

4/26/16Dethermalizer Timers - reformatted and updated page
7/6/01Lightweight covering with mylar and tissue for FF and small rc
2/2/00Lightweight, inexpensive, electric connector for FF and small rc
12/23/98Cya applicator for delicate work
12/9/98Single Loop Motor Braiding described
12/7/98spreadsheet for X-block props added
11/30/98Jigging info for the peanut Andreason BA-4B fuselage
11/18/98Learn how to make your own balsa wheels
10/28/98"Hourglass" Prop Block spreadsheet and drawing from Jim Anderson
10/22/98Stick and Tissue Covering Tips
9/23/98Cheap and simple tracking for downed models
9/2/98added pix to David Dodge's Guide to Prop Carving
6/16/98Dick Miller's What Works List divided into smaller files
5/10/98Why we use Rubber Lube and Stretch Wind
5/4/9810-Step Trimming Guide by John Koptonak
4/15/98finding the Mean Aerodynamic Chord of a swept and/or tapered wing
4/15/98Free Flight Modeling Tools
3/17/98Added apps to calculate balsa stiffness as outlined by Bernard Hunt
3/17/98Dick Miller's What Works List of electric models
3/12/98Bending a Reverse-S Prop Hook
1/28/98The Idiot's Guide to Prop Carving v2.02 From David Dodge
1/26/98Calculating the stiffness of balsa by Bernard Hunt
12/16/97Dethermalizer Timers - Silly Putty and Tomy
12/15/97building and trimming hand and catapult launched gliders

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