John Stennard Experiments
Inspired by the Flying Aces Stick

John Stennard of England has taken my original concept for the Flying Aces Stick and really run with it. The images and notes that follow describe most of his variations.

Original model, built essentially as shown on the original plans. The only variation was the use of depron instead of balsa for the tail surfaces.

Twin version using the original fuselage, new wing and tail.

Twin version as at left with new twin fin tail.
This version flew well on 8 cells until a wing failure.

Original wings, with a different tail and a T-section carbon fiber tail boom.

V dihedral balsa wing, KP-00 motor, CF skids and T-section CF tail boom

V dihedral extended balsa wing, depron extensions, PU01 motor.

CT tailboom, preformed depron wing. Very fast!
Pylon racer like on just 4 cells!

Reduced fuselage with Astro Firefly motor.
(no notes on the non-Astro ESC)

Reduced fuselage, V dihedral CF & balsa wing,
cf tube tailboom with balsa struts.

CF & balsa wing with ailerons. Not successful!

Original FAS with a second wing.
A superb flier with a PU02 motor and 6-8 cells.

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