Nate Sturman's Nakajima Type 91

Here are a couple more pics from Nate Sturman of his Nakajima Type 91. A Japanese fighter from the very early 1930's. The model is built to 1/24 scale,which brings the span to 18 1/4". It flies just fine without dihedral.

The Nakajima Type 91 Army fighter, like the Boeing 218, was a child of 1931 and the first Japanese production fighter to incorporate an all metal monocoque fuselage. It was also the first Japanese developed fighter to come up to world standards of stability, performance, reliability, and safety. About 350 were built in two main versions, and there is a great romance about this plane in Japanese aviation circles. Famed for sensitive controls. These were almost secret weapons when deployed in Manchuria and around the Empire in the early to mid 1930s. In the Sino Japanese War, used by the 11th Sentai on the North China plain right up until replacement by Nakajima Type 97 in Spring, 1938, basically flew and fought till the last plane was shot down or worn out.

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