Nate Sturman's Nanchang CJ-6

The Nanchang spans 24",and has 84 sq. inches of wing area. It weighs in at 48 grams with rubber and really flies well.

The Nanchang CJ-6 is a Chinese design, and not a Yak 18 or a copy of any Yak except in general layout. The engine design is Russian in origin I think. This plane was the basic Chinese PLA Air Force trainer in the 1970s.

Flaps and LG are powered by compressed air carried in a large reservoir in the aft fuselage. The center section is flat with a one- piece landing flap. A motorcycle type hand brake caliper is located on each stick.

These planes are delightful to fly and are stressed for school maneuvers and mild aerobatics but not strenuous outside stuff and there is no inverted system. It is very clean and efficient, but carries little fuel. It picks up speed quickly in maneuvers, but has no real vices and is great for spins. They have been sold off to businesses in various countries, and are popular sports mounts in Britain , Oceana and the US. They are often hyped as Yaks by their dealers. A 'chang is not a Yak. And that is not a gull wing, it is nothing like a Corsair, although its delightful flight handling and outline are reminiscent of the Vultee P-66 "Vanguard"....hmmmm. Nose gear castors like a Grumman American.

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