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In order to more fully support the FFML and SFRC, I am hosting some images from other modelers. This area will be maintained based upon response and resources. Within the gallery pages, you will be able to click on most images for a larger view. My models are indexed separately.

E-mail me if you're interested in having images posted here.

3/16/03PDF plans for Dick Baxter's Almost Wright 1903
11/19/02Spectacular 1911 Dunne Flying Wing Biplane - By Dennis Mead
10/31/02Simple Antoinette model for beginners - also from ACKUS
10/22/02My nephew Duncan builds his first models - ACKUS Gliders from Sweden
09/17/02More goodies from Jiro Sugimoto
5/28/012 very nice NoCals by David Duganne
4/25/01A few vintage beauties from Sterling Price
4/23/01More pictures from the Marin Aero Club
4/14/00Miss Ashley II by Jim Buxton - with some construction notes.
1/24/00Bruce Stinshoff's Whimsy, a delightful sport FF model
1/9/00Ed Toner offers a look in his "hangar"
8/6/99Reworked Marin Aero Club Outdoor with new pix
8/6/99Sea Fury & PWS-10 by Chris Parent
8/5/99another 280 powered Helicopter by Mario Arguello
7/29/99Jason McGuire's Daddy-O Racer is finished!
7/8/99P-51 by Jim Buxton - 1999 Indoor Nats FAC champion
7/8/99foam Nikitin Schevchenko IS-4 by Jacob Longacre
6/30/99Thistle Electric FF by Martin Gregorie (including plans)
6/30/99Air Hog powered P-40 by Jacob Longacre
6/15/99Push-E Indoor Electric FF by Jack Reid
5/24/99280 Mee-Kro Helicopter by Mario Arguello
5/19/99Almost Wright 1903? Dick Baxter's A-Frame Twin Pusher P'nut replica
3/22/99Indoor duration r/c by Bob Lahde
2/15/99Cessna 195 by Mark Fineman
2/15/99MIADesigns miniature helicopter
2/12/99Wingless Autogyro from Dick Baxter
1/18/99More McGuire No Pain Quadruplanes
12/31/98A few goodies from Jiro Sugimoto
12/30/98mini electric Taibi Powerhouse from Jason
12/16/98George Benson's "Avro" McGuire Quadruplane
12/14/98FM-1 Wildcat by Chris Parent
10/26/98Caudron C.460 by Chris Parent
10/19/98my 6" version of Jason McGuire's Quadruplane
10/19/98Dick Baxter Designed Pussycats by George Benson & John Carlson
10/19/98John Carlson's Glouchester Auster
10/13/98IR controlled Helicopter by Mario Arguello
10/9/98Yet more inspiration from Jason
10/7/98Twerp 2.34 & Sailplane and Jodel Cockpit shots from Jason
10/6/98Jason McGuire's 4" Tiny Twerp and Aeronca K Seaplane
9/25/98Alex Munro's version of Dick Baxter's XE-5 Biplane
9/15/98Jason McGuire shows up with another couple classics!!
9/11/98Tim Hayward-Brown's Avia B.35 fighter and Bre 14
8/26/98Chris Parent's Nakajima Type 91
8/23/98Mark Fineman's 42" span Piper Malibu Mirage
7/1/98Dave Rees's Plage Torpedo Monoplane
6/6/98Chris Parent's Boeing F4B-4
6/6/98latest photos from Nate Sturman
5/15/98A great looking Rumpler from George Nunez of Miami
5/2/98Jason McGuire's Pistachio Ryan ST
4/28/98A Slow Flight R/C Bee from Andreas
4/16/98Treasures from Chris Parent's hangar
4/13/98Nate Sturman's Nakajima Type 91
3/31/98A Demoiselle from Cat Tu in Australia
3/7/98Lincoln Ross's Herr Engineering Cessna 180
3/5/98Dick Gibbs' "Loafer" design for R/C slow flight
2/20/98Dime Scale Arado and 1/2 scale Wakefield by Bill Hurley
2/17/98Mark Fineman's Stahl P-51
2/16/98A-6 Nurflugel by David Dodge
2/6/98Dime Scale Triplane and Zephyr Canard by Bill Hurley
1/26/98More Slow Flight pix from Johan Bjurling of Sweden
1/14/98The "WES technic" Wespe kit from Johan Bjurling of Sweden
1/14/98a Seversky S21 by Lincoln Ross
12/20/97a nice rubber powered Typhoon by Mark Fineman
12/11/97Marcus Hill's new ducted fan project

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