Here is a map to the St. Vincent's School for Boys, in Marinwood, Ca,
home flying site for the Marin Aero Club.

(click for a larger view)

We meet the 4th Sunday of each month, and fly indoors at the St. Vincent's School gym*. From May to October we also fly outdoors on the second Sundays, weather permitting. At each flying session, a small donation is collected from each flyer to benefit the SVS Boys Club. Visitors are not charged anything, and greatly encouraged.

On the map, things should be pretty self explanatory. Traveling North on 101 from San Francisco, take the Marinwood exit and turn right at the end of the ramp. You can see the school to the east of 101-N before taking the exit. Follow the road around to the right, and down the eucalyptus tree lined drive. When you get to the school, stay to the right, around the back of the church, past some maintenance buildings and through a gate. Immediately turn to the left (staying on the paved surface) beside the gym. Most of us park on the north end of building, near the steps to the door.

* - in January and February, Marin Aero uses the auditorium shown on the map for flying as a busy basketball schedule provides conflict. In this case, after the tree lined approach, proceed straight ahead and park to the left. The auditorium doors are on the porch to the left.

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