Outdoors with the Marin Aero Club

This beautiful 30" span T-6 was built from the Herr Engineering laser kit. The weight is 73 grams with landing gear. As can happen, it got extensively modified.

  • The wing is removable for transportation and storage.

  • The landing gear plugs in, and is sprung to absorb landing shock. Jerry usually flys it without the landing gear, as the drag causes a lot of duration robbing nose down trim.

  • The rudder was reshaped as per the earlier T-6 variants.

  • Adjustable trim tabs for rudder and elevator were added.

  • The 10 gram stock canopy was cut down to just the windshield and frame. Side windows were reglazed with florist's cellophane.

  • Due to the radial engine design, Jerry extended the nose 3/4" for better balance.

  • A larger nose block to allow more rubber clearance.

Due to the smallish MAC field, Jerry tries to hold flight times under a minute, with moderate winds on 4 strands of .20" Tan II. It is great to watch the sun streaming through the yellow covering on a clear day.


Copyright 1999, Thayer Syme. All rights reserved